Which Way Should Swinging Shower Door

Swinging shower door – There are many discussions about the right way to swing a door. Even experts may sometimes find it difficult to determine whether the door should be install to swing in or out. A large part of this confusion is due to the fact that the direction of swing may change depending on application.

Swinging Shower Door Panels

Understanding Swing

When you buy and install swinging shower door, it is important to understand that there are four ways in which a door can swing. If the hinges are right, you have the right door, and if they are on the left, the door is on the left. Now check if the door is shooting away from you or pulled towards you. If it pushes away, it has a regular swing, which is known in layman language as “in swinging.” If the door goes towards you, it has a reverse swing, which is often called “out swinging.”


There is little to no building code rules which keep a door going to swing in a residential building. Due to the lack of rules, housing swinging shower door in which direction is most logical in a certain situation.  Exterior doors are safer when they swing out, as this prevents thieves from kicking them. These doors should only swing when there is enough space in the vicinity to accommodate the swing door.

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