Tips To Lubricate Garage Door Widths

Garage door widths – One way to keep your garage door working smoothly is to lubricate the door and feathers. Lubricating overhead garage door requires the use of two types of lubricants. The rolling hinges and pulleys require light oil while springs and grooves benefit from a silicone spray lubricant. It is a good idea to lubricate your garage door once every six months.

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Apply penetrating oil to the bearings on each door roll of garage door widths. Place the tip of the penetrating oil bottle near the base of the shaft and the roller where you see the bearings. The sleeve is the part of the hinge that holds the roller spindle. Apply two to three drops of penetrating the stitch of each sleeve. Grasp the protruding end of the roller spindle with your fingers and rotate the shaft to distribute the oil.

Set a stairway ladder under the front turn springs, if the door has springs on a torsion rod above the door. Spray the length of each feather freely with silicone butter spray. Open and close the garage door widths to work silicone in the spring. Do not spray cable drums for twist springs. Place the stairway ladder under the top cover on one side if you have springs that extend along the side of the upper web. Fully open the garage door.

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