Tips Fitting Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding Glass Door Curtains – Window blinds and curtains are a popular solution for covering patio doors and windows. If you have a sliding glass patio door, you need to carefully measure and take into account the type of curtain or blind you are installing to come up with the correct measurement. Determine the type of curtains or blinds you are going to install. Vertical blinds are a common solution for sliding glass doors because they can be opening to one side.

Sliding Glass Door Curtains Style

Exposing the part of the door while covering the rest of the window. You can also use pleated blinds, honeycomb curtains or blinds. If you decide to get a type of sliding glass door curtains that go up and down, you need to decide whether you want a large shade or two side-by-side shades that can work independently so you can discover the door while leaving the other side of the window. Decide between an interior mount and exterior mount.

Vertical sliding glass door curtains will be an exterior mount. Which means the center rail is mounted on the wall above the window opening. Harborage are usually an indoor placing, installing inside the top of the door frame so that the shadow covers the width of the door only and does not overlap the top at all. Shades may have an external support if you have a special reason to do so.

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