Tips To Design Front Door Shades

Front door shades – Designing your own front door can add a touch of personalization to your home. Whether you choose to craft the door yourself or to have someone do it for you, the action to design will mean you have a unique part in your home that represents you.

Unique Front Door Shades


Consider the theme of your home. Do you want your front door shades to melt or stand out? Decide this before starting your design. Measure the power door or door space if your house is being built. Make sure you measure the door from top to bottom and from left to right. Measure Also the width between door posts. If you add something like a window above, measure the structure (or house frame) for how long and high it will be.

Draw your front door shades. Take your measurements into account and clearly mark them so that you, or the person who crafting your door, will know where everything goes. Add extras. Place the window on the drawing either above or on the door itself. Make sure this is clearly marked and that it is clear how many inches are around the window itself (if the window is in the door), or how many inches between the window and the door (if the door is overhead). Color your door design with color pencils or mark as the paint (s) you will use. Armed with your new door design, start working on your new door or take it to your contractor who will put your design into reality.

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