Tips Before Install Double Sliding Barn Doors

Double Sliding Barn Doors – Sliding barn doors are a method to control access and provide security to areas with large doors. The hardware can be purchase as a kit that includes the rail and end stops, as well as the trolleys on the top of the door. The door itself will consist of a wooden frame, covered on both sides with sheets. A small fixed leaf window can be installed to provide light and visual safety to see what is on the other side of the door.

Simple Double Sliding Barn Doors

To measure the opening. Cut the rail to its size, twice the width of the opening. Determine in which direction the double sliding barn doors will open. It is necessary a space as wide as from the opening of the door next to the door opens to. Measure above the door the height of the trolleys, in addition to the track, plus the thickness of the mounting brackets on the top of the track, and use a chalk line and level to make a line to through the area at that height.

Use an electronic stud locator to find the plot inside the wall along the line. Press the buttons on both sides of the unit and run it along the wall, marking each place the device emits a sound and Lights up. Position a mounting bracket, at least one every 24 inches, along with the area where the double sliding barn doors are mounting.

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