Sliding Door Cabinet Look Like New

Are you looking for ideas to make your sliding door cabinet look like new? Do you want to give them a fresher air? However, buying new ones is usually quite expensive. So there are several alternatives that can be use to solve these small problems and make your objects look like new. At end of day you will see that your cabinets and drawers look like they were just bought!

Danish Sliding Door Cabinet

Simple case is one in which sliding door cabinet it gets stuck or makes too much noise. Because mechanism is too dry, rusty, etc. In this case, it will be necessary to oil springs and other parts of fitting. It is also possible that some part of mechanism has been broke. In such a case, resolution of problem is a little more difficult. Since it will correspond to evaluate if damage piece can be repair. If it is necessary to replace it with another one or if what has to be replace is whole hinge.

This is another consequence of passage of time, very common. In general, it is also due to a problem with hinges. To solve it, open and close malign sliding door cabinet to verify area where it is stuck or not align correctly. Tighten screws on hinge plate that holds door over frame. Add cardboard wedges between hinges and frame at top or bottom, depending on whether you need to raise or lower door; unscrew hinge from side of frame.

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