What Is Shower Door Sweep

Shower door sweep is an attachment often forget to be install on bottom of shower door in order to keep water in place to let it go to floor. Water can damage surrounding soil materials and can increase chances of slip injury when leaving shower. Sweep of shower door was design to prevent this from happening, making a watertight, waterproof seal along bottom edge.

Bathroom Shower Door Sweep

Sweep can be made from several different materials and offers numerous benefits when install. Various materials can be use in manufacture of a shower door sweep. One of most common is rubber, which is flexible and versatile and is most common type find. Vinyl and polycarbonate sweeps can also be find. But they do not have time of a lifetime as rubber varieties do.

Since rubber sweeps are design to flex and mold for each specific application. And they are easy to install, they are prefer material for most shower sweeps. Shower door sweep is available in numerous shapes and sizes. Its depending on application for which it is need. Rail of shower door is deciding factor when using a light bulb-style sweep. Or a flat or star-shaped version. Some systems also require a specially made “T” shape along top so that it can lock into slots provided.

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