Pre Installing French Door Knobs Handles

French door knobs – Garden or French doors are an excellent way to open interior space outdoors. Or to create a feeling of having a large opening space between two smaller spaces. French door hardware is different from a typical door installation, although not as different as you may think. French door knob handle configurations are made with standard door hardware in an individual configuration.

Brass French Door Knobs

To installing French door knobs, preparing with use the template that comes with the handles to mark the center of the hole for each identifier on each door. The bore holes with a 1¾ inch saw. Adjust the centering bit to the mark of the previous step and start drilling. Apply pressure to prevent the drill from walking across the entire surface. Maintain a constant pressure as you cut through. Do not force the bit towards the back to avoid splinters. Repeat the process with the other door.

Mark the edges of the doors with the front paper template and placing the French door knobs striker’s plate. These holes should level with the center holes knob bored in the previous step and centered on the thickness of the door. He carried the front and goal scorer plate holes with a 7/8 inch drill bit. Keep the drill as straight as possible both up and down and from side to side.

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12 Pre Installing French Door Knobs Handles Photos