Option Choice Cast Iron Door Stops

Cast Iron Door Stops – How many times have you had to improvise a door hold? You get up in the morning, open windows and doors to ventilate and which “poltergeist” these begin to close. Then, you use what you have more to less to hold the doors, from kitchen chairs to pairs of shoes. Forget the drafts! Door holders help keep doors wide open without fear of be slamming shut. They are practical and can also give an original touch to the decoration of your home.

Horse Cast Iron Door Stops

Along with the classic designs we can find in the market fun designs that do not go unnoticed. It cast iron door stops made of cast iron in the shape of a wedge with decorative elements at its highest end, has a country feel that has convinced many for decades. And that many have used to give a touch of classic elegance to your home. Birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs animals have undoubtedly been the greatest source of inspiration for their designers.

The iron wedges that we have seen so many times cast iron door stops are another classic that we find today renewed in the decoration houses. They now acquire contemporary forms, rounded and not as rigid as those of yesteryear. While the simplest proposals are design in materials such as rubber appearing in bright colors. If you have under floor heating, a door stop to be fix to the floor is to be avoid.

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