Modern Safety Folding Garage Doors

Folding Garage Doors – You cannot choose garage doors at orange blossom. Keep in mind that automatic garage doors have already become a very important part of the entrance to your home. In fact, it is even on many occasions the main access to your home. And next to the aesthetic you should consider that it is also an element of security. Good solid, well-built garage doors will make you feel much safer in your home.

Sliding Folding Garage Doors

Depending on the space you have in your garage, a sectional, folding, and sliding or rolling door will suit you. Each one has a different opening system. Later we will see these systems one by one. Some of the most used. The main characteristic of automatic folding garage doors is that they open and close at an angle of 90 degrees thanks to bearings that make them swing. It is a very simple mechanism and very safe at the same time.

In addition to being use as garage doors are very common in all types of industrial buildings and even in some shops. They are form by two leaves. When you operate your remote control, automatic tilting folding garage doors and unfold vertically. They are the ones that optimize the space of your garage much better. As its name indicates, automatic sectional garage doors are made from panels that fold and unfold vertically. They also save a lot of space.

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12 Modern Safety Folding Garage Doors Photos