Low Profile Door Knob Ideas

Low profile door knob – A standard tape measure can be used to measure a door for an insert door handle. The term “insert” refers to the plate that is installed on the side of your door. Measurement is about finding the location of this plate. This can help you install your insert door knob in the appropriate location to maximize its efficiency.

Antique Low Profile Door Knob


Measure the width, in inches, your door with a tape measure. Because insert the low profile door knob plate is designed to rest on the side of the door itself, important here is the width dimension. Write down this number. This number allows you to purchase an insert door handle with a plate that fits comfortably on your door. Measure the side of your door from the ground until the circular hole is cut in the side of the door. This hole is called the “cross -hole” hole, and that’s the part where the lock from the door knob itself connects.

Write down this number. This will also be the height at which the supplied insert plate will be installed on your door frame. The plate on the door and the plate on the frame connect with each other when the door is closed and locked. Since this hole should be a perfect circle, this number is the distance over the center of the circle from one side to the other. Write down this number. This number allows you to purchase an insert low profile door knob with a flat hole perfectly shaped.

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