Knowing More About Porcelain Door Knobs

Porcelain door knobs – The next time you see a screen of old porcelain knobs, do not walk by. Show your love to decorate details by replacing common and cold knobs with stately porcelain knobs. They date back to the 1900s, which is a testament to their quality and longevity. Installing them is a small change that can make them stand out and make a big difference in your decor.

White Porcelain Door Knobs With Brass Backplate

But matching door knobs can be a problem, however, especially in older homes with antique porcelain door knobs. You should know that you can find available. Or if you use reproductions, which can easily installed. Determine the size of the spindle in the fixed door in question. The axis is the axis on which the door knob connects to. Each porcelain knob of the door will have a central hole in which a spindle is inserted. For a correct installation, the axis and the central hole fit comfortably.

If the porcelain door knobs go with a thick shaft diameter, you can still use a modern, thinner shaft. Just change the shorter adjustment screw on the body of the door knob to a longer one. You will be able to find a suitable screw at your local hardware store. If the porcelain door knobs use a smaller diameter spindle, you can also use a modern type. Lightly grind down the diameter of the ends of a modern spindle to replicate the smaller diameter of the old spindle.

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