Installing Front Door With Sidelights

Front door with sidelights – Some existing entry doors may have a sidelight or it may have two. The width of the device may vary. To install this door types, the first is, measure your existing space to determine the size of the door and side-piece combination that you will need. It is useful to take pictures with a tape measure on both the inside and outside of the door. And then take them with you when you choose your door. Sales associates are very helpful in finding the right door for you.

Small Front Door With Sidelights

While replacing the same size door is a good project for a do-it-yourself, rearranging framing around the door is not. If you wish to adjust the total width of the opening, contact a good carpenter. Second steps to installing front door with sidelights, remove the existing door. Start removing any trim around the door. Then remove the screws that hold the existing door in place. Many times, these screws are below the sealing list or die on the floor. You may also need to cut the seal and remove the shims to remove the door.

Third, prepare the existing opening to receive the new front door with sidelights. When the existing door is removed, fits the new door. Mark any overhanging siding or shingles that will be in the way, using the circular saw to cut it away. Scrap any remaining existing electrophoresis or insulation. If riser did not come out with the existing door, remove it as well. Make sure there is no rotten wood in the door frame. If it is, it must be replaced now.

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