Installing Barn Door Lock

The first thing you must do to place barn door lock on your wooden door is to look. For the elements and materials necessary to perform this task. It is very important that you have all the elements ready. When you start the installation so that you can do it in a perfect way. The materials you will need are a complete lock, a tape to measure, a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, a drill, punch, chisel, hammer and a pencil. Once you get these elements you will be able to start your task.

Barn Door Lock Decor

Then, second thing you must do is start with the process to place your barn door lock. For this you must measure the distance of the ground to which our lock goes. If you already have the size of the previous lock. You can use it as a reference to install the new lock. You must mark half of the mark of the previous lock.

Then, the third thing you must do is make the hole where your barn door lock will go with the help of a punch. This type of punch is obtained in the hardware stores and they already come with a guide that facilitates the installation of the lock. Using this punch is very easy. Since we only have to place the guide on the mark made with pencil. And it must be screwed to the door so that it is fixed. Once the guide is placed perfectly and we can begin to drill with the help of the drill and the punch of two sizes. After making the perforations the guide should be removed.

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