Installation Rail Dynamic Garage Door

Dynamic Garage Door – In addition to this, you will need an electric saw and of course know how to handle it. The installation of horizontal or vertical rails is very simple if you follow the instructions that we are going to give you. Any kit of rails for garage doors that you buy make sure that it comes with all the necessary elements and also instructions since what we will do is to expand in a more understandable way the simple instructions that these bring.

Dynamic Garage Door Style

Remember that to install a dynamic garage door you must have security equipment. Protective goggles and a pair of protective gloves, as well as safety shoes, are always necessary before doing any of these works. The first thing you should do is slide one of the rails over the door or the winding of your garage door. Always note that the distance between the top and top of the door and the top of the rail is exactly the same on both sides where the rails are located.

After having fixed the rails you must measure the distance between the rail and the dynamic garage door and look carefully if it is the same on both sides. This distance should be one 1.25 cm. To make sure that the rails are right and totally on the same level as the supports that will support them, you must use a level or also called leveling.

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12 Installation Rail Dynamic Garage Door Photos