Innovative Architecture Haas Garage Door

Haas garage door that unfold conformed are opening or closing, is the main feature of these metal doors in gray, installed in this striking house. A house whose volume in the upper part is complement by garage doors. Horizontal and also vertical lines, in metal structure lacquered in light gray. They are the first characteristics that we see in this automatic door that slides on rails on the inside to open.

Best Haas Garage Door

A residential project that reflects the cheerful identity of its owners that explores a different and innovative architecture. House of orthogonal geometry for which this fence and haas garage door design was chosen. Square shapes are the first thing that strikes the attention of this door in front of the facade of a house of minimalist inspiration. Structure in tubes and metal mesh, all lacquered in black to create a contrast with the white walls. We observe that the access is both pedestrian and by car, and that both doors open outwards.

Finally, we show you a haas garage door that we could not stay with the desire to share. An original and also colorful door, modern design, organic shape and soft lines. Its combination of red and white colors reminiscent of candies, invites us to open it and move into the ground.

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12 Innovative Architecture Haas Garage Door Photos