Ideas For Install French Door Curtain Rods

French door curtain rods – Curtains add color, patterns and even textures to a space. They can be very nice and elaborate or simple and practical, and they can be hung from a variety of rods or posts. You cannot use traditional rods or posts that are drilled or nailed in place, but when they hang up curtains on a metal door

Nice French Door Curtain Rods

Ideas for install best French door curtain rods, measure the height and width of the area on metal door that you plan to dress with curtains. And then buy a magnetic curtain rod that is the length needed, or adjust to the required length. Slide the curtain over the magnetic rod.

Place the magnetic curtain rod where you want it on the metal door and make sure it is the level. The magnets will keep the bar in place wherever you place it. If the position needs to be adjusted, just pull it off with little effort and move it. Because it is magnetic, no marking remains on the door.  Then for tips and warnings for install French door curtain rods. Measure twice to make sure the measurements are correct. Magnetic curtain rods only work with curtains made of thin fabrics.

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