How To Pin Up Craftsman Style Interior Doors

Craftsman style interior doors do not increase visual impression in a home. If your home has ordinary, boring and boring interior doors, it’s time to pinpoint them a bit. You do not have to completely reshape an inside door to create a new look. A new layer of paint and replace the existing door handle with an updated, newer granary up the door. Depending on how many interior doors need sprucing allow a weekend to complete the project?

Wonderful Craftsman Style Interior Doors



Lay newspaper or a tarpaulin on the floor under the craftsman style interior doors to protect against color play. Place inner color, paint roller, roller and brush on tarpaulin. Open the color can with a screwdriver. Place the screwdriver under the lip of the paint can cover and gently push open. Stir the paint with a paint stirring rod until it is completely blended. Pour color into the tray. Roll the roller and back. Be sure to coat the entire roll. Apply color to interior door with the roller. Use an up and down motion until the entire door has a fresh layer of paint. Repeat all steps for the opposite side of the inner door.

Replace Doorknob

Remove the metal door on the craftsman style interior doors with a screwdriver. Metal sliding door fastened to both sides of the door with screws. Place your hands on both sides of the door handle and pull tight from the door. You will have both sides of the door handle in your hands when taken. Put the long bolt in the door firmly in place, if it differs from the one that came with the new door handle. Pull out the old bolt and carefully replace it with a new one.

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