Garage Door Hinge That Offer Security

In modern home garage door hinge is protagonist. With same material and same color, main access door and exterior windows have been made. It is a wide door that can be use to enter two or more cars. Its opening system is folding wood planks up. As a detail has window in its middle part that allows entry of natural light into interior. But avoids prying eyes to interior for being a translucent glass.

Barn Garage Door Hinge

A large outdoor garage of house, with capacity for at least six cars. It is completely independent of house, built in wood with steel garage door hinge for greater security, of roller type. Plates of door are roll up and accumulate under roof, to leave free passage to cars. Sometimes patio in front of house is same occupied by garage of house.

Two functions in perfect harmony in design of house, in this case an open garage that can be use by children of family as a playground while not being use as a garage. Enclosure garage door hinge is semi-close of metal that allows entrance of light from outside, opening upwards. In this design, colors of metal grid were integrate with those of facade of house to make a visual unit, between grid and facade.

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