Decorative Cabinets Door Handle Installation

Cabinet door handles – Cabinet door handles are a small part of your home, but a decorative door knob can have a big impact on your interior. Decorative cabinet’s door handles are available in a wide range of materials. Colorful painted door handles can add a touch of their special way to a cold or boring kitchen. While a stainless steel cabinet door knob in a bold geometric design can help modernize outdated cabinets.

Modern Cabinets Door Handle

To installing decorative cabinet door handles, starting with measure the thickness of the cabinet doors to ensure that you purchase the correct screws for your cabinet door handle. The length of the screws should be about the thickness of the cabinet door plus 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch.  Second, buy a cabinet door knob template. This item will help you place the knobs in the same place on each cabinet door. Place the closet door knob the template on the closet door. And make a mark with a pencil where you want to place the decorative knob.

Mark every cabin door uses the same hole on the template. Fifth, drill a hole into the pencil marked on each cabinet door. Use a drill in the same size as or up to 1/64 inch larger than the decorative cabinet knob screws. Sixth, insert a screw into the hole through the back of the cabinet door. Seventh, place a screwdriver into the head of the screw to hold it firmly until the cabinet door. Eight, twist the decorative knob on the end of the screw on the front of the cabinet door. Keeps the screwdriver still preventing the screw from striking when turning the switch. Last, repeat steps six to eight to install all your decorative cabinet door handles.

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12 Decorative Cabinets Door Handle Installation Photos