What Craftsman Entry Doors Is

Craftsman entry doors – Simple and unpretentious craft-type doors are also known as tailoring doors. And are typical of homes that are more bungalow style. The Craftsman era of architecture in America began in the late 1800s, just as we wound down from the Victorian era. Originally in California, the Craftsman style was used for smaller homes. This architecture lasted until the present contemporary period beginning in the early 20th century.

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Known as American art and craftsmanship, it is based on the British style of the same name. And also tends to follow straight lines and angles. Crafts doors are also known as cabin doors designed to fit this period of the house, and give a sense of strength and beauty. The name comes from the idea that the craftsman entry doors are visibly handmade. The doors tend to be simple layouts.

Made of wood panel, including a glass panel or a window with or without artistic detailing, is also an option of craftsman entry doors. The craftsman style can be any style of wood. From mahogany to even particleboard, and can have one of different finishes. It tends to have a more uniform appearance than other door styles and is easier in the eye.

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