Choosing Barn Door Roller Kit

Barn door roller kit not only adds rustic charm to a building, it serves a functional purpose and when installed in a horse child. The door consists of two horizontal halves that can be opened independently of each other, reinforcing the safety when the lower section is closed, and adding fresh air and sunlight to the booth when the upper part is opened. Opening both sections, you can also take your horse or cattle out faster without the animals through the barn. Even wooden Dutch doors are commercially available; build your own to adapt it to the available space.

Wood Barn Door Roller Kit


The barn door roller kit should be at least 4 feet wide and 7 cm long. Make the top cover 3 feet tall and the lower door 4 feet tall. Make adjustments for the hinges and chop when it determines the width of the door. Note the measurements. Place the discs horizontally on the ground, parallel to each other. Space them apart so that the distance between them is equal to the height of the upper barn door. Saw two identical 2-by-6-inch boards to fit vertically between the two horizontal boards to form a frame.

Mark the spots over timber and saw excess so it fits well in the frame. The board acts as the barn door roller kit of the door. Attach the board to the plywood board using a row of someone. Add another 2-of-six inch board diagonally across the frame, opposite to the previous stag. Mark along the ends of this forum so you know how much to trim. Mark this forum meets the previous stag so you can see it in two parts. Saw both parts of the board to the desired length and attach them with plywood using someone.

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