How To Change Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors – Replacing a front door can add value and increase the security of your home. Exterior doors fatigue as they grow older, and damage from water and termites can further weaken the door support structure. Current building standards and better constructed materials for exterior doors have made them stronger and more durable when older doors. Installing a pre-hanged front door will reduce the amount of work and time involved in changing a front door.

Wrought Iron Doors Kit


Cut joints with a knife where the wrought iron doors trim meets walls and where the trim is dictated to the door. Bend the trim away from the door. Gently screw the screwdriver between the door frame and the door trim. Start at the top of the door, and work your way down. Bend with spit to pull the trim completely away from the outer door. Repeat the process until all trim is removed from the door. Remove the threshold plate screws passing through the bottom of the door in the floor. Locate and remove all screws or nails that secure the door to the framing. Pull out cedar shims from around the door. Bend the door buck with spit to break it out of the frame.

Throw the old door. Clean the area where the old exterior was located. Slide new wrought iron doors into the rack opening of the frame. Rinse the door with the inner wall surface using the angle handle as a guide. Center the new door into the slot opening, and place the cedar shims on the upper corners of both sides of the door to hold it in place. Run a 3-inch wood screw through the door buck, shims and house framing.

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