How To Change Carriage House Doors

Carriage house doors – If you own a camper, you are no stranger to the exterior doors can be easily damaged. Change the door of your camper yourself in a few easy steps and save repair costs. With a little planning and some deliveries, your shabby old door will be replaced by a shining new to greet visitors in style.

Wood Carriage House Doors


Measure the height and width of your door. Most carriage house doors correspond to preset sizes, so that should not be a problem for homeowners. Go to a caravan supplier to buy your new door to make sure it fits your caravan specifications. Note the door hinge site. You need to know if it is on the left or right side of the door before you buy and put in your new camper door.

Purchase all deliveries to replace your carriage house doors. You have to go to a caravan supplier to buy kit tape because big box construction store does not wear it. Remove the screws on your old door, and then lift the door out of the frame. Scrape all old kittens from the frame. Place the putty tape around the new door flanges, and then remove the protective paper. Keep the door straight and mount it in the frame. Fit the remaining screws. When you are sure the door fits evenly in the frame, finish placing the rest of the screws. Use the correct amount of pressure when drilling them or it may damage aluminum exterior walls. Install a Deadbolt lock on your camper door as a safety measure if you wish.

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