How To Change Bi Fold Shower Doors

Bi fold shower doors are available in many stand-up showers. The glass on the doors comes frosted or clear, making the bathroom look bigger and add decor and value to the home. Shower doors use plastic rolls on the top and bottom of each door to slide back and forth. The plastic rollers adjust and run on a groove on a frame base to allow the shower doors to open and close.

Modern Bi Fold Shower Doors


Step into the shower or the shower and walk to meet the bi fold shower doors. Grab the inside; push the shower door on each side with your hands. Raise the door to create room for the bottom of the shower door to rise above and below the lower inside slot. Slide inside the sliding door away from you.

Lower the interior, push the shower door out of the top and remove the door from the frame. Repeat this process to remove the outside sliding door. Take your new inside bi fold shower doors on both sides with your hands. Make sure the plastic rolls are on the inside, towards you so that they align with the inside groove. Guide the upper plastic rolls on the inside sliding shower door into the inner groove of the frame. Lifting the shower door holds the upper rollers in the upper inside slot. Press the underside away from you and guide the lower rollers in the lower inside groove on the frame.

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