Build Bi Fold Garage Doors

Bi fold garage doors – To build bi fold garage doors, you need 1/2 or 1/4 inch three slats or panel, 3×2 boards, garage door hinges and rollers. Starting with create two panels for the garage door. Work out a sketch helping dimensions of the garage door opening to help. Measure carefully; close the garage door with the back of the frame. So that it can overlap the width or the frame using an inch on each side.

Vertical Bi Fold Garage Doors

Cut four 3×2 boards to the width and four 3×2 boards to half the height of the garage door opening. Pull the width of 3×2 boards to the total length. Attach the boards together to create the outer frames of both panels. Then install slating in a diagonal or vertical pattern across the frame. Thread the slats to the frame with 1 inch nails or screws. Paint and finish this bi fold garage doors and allow drying.

Install the hinges. These hinges can be purchased on a hardware store and then should have hang flaps or sides that are at least 3 inches long. Put both panels together on the ground with the outside of the door facing down. Place the hinges over the seam between the two bi fold garage doors. And then fasten with three screws or bolts on heavier doors. Fit the rollers to the frame with the supplied hardware. Install two on the bottom of the bottom plate and two on top of the top panel.

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